Pic du Pursuit. One to one Performance – Installation. Durarion: 10 min. June 6th to 17th, 2017. Exhibition: Circuit Training. Artistic research in and about CERN institute. Das Weisses Haus. Vienna,2017.
Pic. eSeL.at.

Reframing Carbon | Valleta 2018 |
Mixed materials | Interrelation between the carbon amount in the human body, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the carbon used for the C14 datation of the local archaeological sites. Outcome after one year research in cooperation with the University of Malta |
St. Georg Square, Valleta; Malta, 2018.

Phronesis. One to one Performance – Installation. Duration: 5min. June 13th to 15th, 2018. Mexikanisches Kulturinstitut Wien. Vienna,2018.
Pic. Arne Grams.

Trust Blind. Intervention and research at Friedrich Fort. Duration: Chapter I and II, 20 min each. Crossover Festival. Kiel, Sept. 3rd and 4th, 2016. Pict.R.Ghadyani

Untitled. City-intervention. Duration: 15 min. At PAErsche unterwegs. Cologne,2015. Pic. UJB

Would-u-marry-me? …In a country without divorse..
Duration: 20 min. At Dugtungan Festival. Santiago. Philippines.2015. Pic.Enzo

If to get German. Performance/ Investigation about myself. Duration: 15 min. Transnationality and translinguality. MPA-B. Berlin,2014. Pic. Barney

Misterium Coniunctionis. 12 Hours Performance. Paris, 2012. Pic. J.Pierre.P.

Bloss-zu hause sein. One to one performance. Duration: 60 min. At PerformanceZuHause Festival. Cologne,2015. Collaboration with Katharina Jej. Pic. L.Nomada.
The guest are ask to enter one room and follow the situation or the instructions behind the door.

Online Family/ In touch. Long- distance-Performance. Arizona Between Nosotros, Festival. Tucson and -Phoenix, Texas (USA) and Nogales, Mex.
June-July, 2011. Pic. L.Nomada.
The action consisted of online chats with the visitors of the festival in a home-like environment (at each museum a small living room was built), as they would do it with their own families and friends.

Site specific - Research

Focused on a specific topic and analyzing the possibilities offered by each performance space, Guadalupe Aldrete creates situations in which her reflections and thoughts can be experienced by the audience.