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Guadalupe Aldrete


Guadalupe Aldrete is a Mexican artist based in Vienna.
Her work has been shown internationally.

Formerly known as Lala Nomada, Guadalupe Aldrete's alter-ego went missing as a part of a performance process of dissolution during her exhibition "Diluidos" in 2018.

Her work focuses on exploring methods to capture abstract images which relate intimately to her past and present. Although autobiographic, her work is not about herself but about an individual that represent a bigger group of people undergoing similar issues. Her artworks result from processes involving various visual media, which are sometimes performed in front of an audience, captured on art objects or shown as part of installations whose purpose is to prompt the audience to interact.

Guadalupe is the creator and curator of “Latitud 32°N/55°S” a platform for Latin-American performance art. From 2012 to 2015 she collaborated and co-curated the platform “MPA-B, Month of Performance Art Berlin" and is co-founder of "APAB e.V." Association of Performance Art in Berlin. She's also part of the performance network “PAErsche” based in Cologne.